Admissions – Yr10/11

beauchamp collegeThe college welcomes applications from students across the city and county and has an increasing number of young people joining us from outside our normal catchment area. It is important to stress that whilst Beauchamp is an independent State Funded academy, we have commissioned Leicestershire County Council to manage and administer the applications and appeals process.

Click here to view the catchment map for 2019/20 entry.

Admission Process

Admissions Policy 2018-2019
All those seeking admission into Year 10 should be within their chronological age group.

Admissions Policy 2019-2020
All those seeking admission into Year 10 should be within their chronological age group.

1Parents can apply for a place by using the Online Admissions system (paper forms on request) on the Leicestershire County Council website
You can contact Admissions on 0116 3056684 or email
2Use the LCC’s ‘find a school’ search to see catchment maps for schools and a list of schools within your local area.

The ‘Your Guide to Education’ section has all the information required for entry to schools for September.
3Closing date for transfer applications for September 2019 intake is 31 October 2018.
4Results for the 2017/18 transfers will be made available on 1st March 2019. To get your results sign onto ‘Online Admissions’ using your user name and password with which you made the application, then click on the results link.
5If your child has been refused a place in the school you have applied to, you have the right to appeal against this decision.

Beauchamp College will only accept students for the appropriate academic year based on their chronological age unless there is clear picture of need for a different year based on evidence e.g. EHCP/statement of SEN.

Parental Preferences and Criteria Used

for Prioritising Admissions If there are too many requests, priority will be given to children in the appropriate age range, whose parents applied on time, in the following order:

1Children applying who are in the care of the Local Authority and children who were previously in the care of the Local Authority but ceased to be so because they were adopted, or became subject of a residency order, or special guardianship order immediately following having been 'looked after'.
2Children who will have attended a named Learning Partner (feeder) Primary School for entry to Year 7 or named feeder High School for entry to Year 10 (2016-2019)
3Children who have attended a named feeder Primary School for entry to Year 7.
4Children who have siblings in the college at the time when they will be admitted to the college.
5Children who live in the catchment area.
6Children who are sons/daughters of current Beauchamp College staff who have worked at the college for at least 2 years at the time of application.
7Children living nearest to the college measured in a straight line distance (home to school front gate).

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