Age Range & Admissions Consultation



Improving Educational Outcomes for the Children of Oadby

Beauchamp College, Manor High School and Gartree High School are jointly proposing to alter their age range and admission policies from 2017, offering a new model of educational choice to Oadby’s families. Beauchamp is proposing to become an 11-19 school offering a single transition point from primary to secondary education and beyond.

In response to the change in education locally and nationally, which has seen a move away from a separate high school and upper school model, the schools feel compelled to offer choice to the community in relation to secondary education. This will offer a greater opportunity for continuity and will therefore improve standards of education. Beauchamp has worked in close collaboration with other schools to propose a positive plan of response centred around providing outstanding education for the young people we serve.

In order to ensure that Beauchamp can deliver seamless transition at this crucial stage, the college has agreed a Learning Partnership with all of its feeder primary schools to design a curriculum that provides an excellent springboard from primary education and an excellent foundation to GCSEs and beyond. All children who attend these feeder primary schools will have equal access to Beauchamp to take GCSES and A’levels.

The schools are actively seeking the views of all local parents and all other stakeholders in a new consultation that will be open for 8 weeks until Sunday 20th December 2015. This provides an important opportunity for parents, carers and families to respond to this proposal. Please follow the link below to respond to these surveys now.

A joint consultation evening which will provide further information from all schools will be held at Gartree High School on Wednesday 18th November.



Joint School Letters

Letters from Beauchamp College, Manor and Gartree High Schools regarding the age range changes:

Consultation Results

Admissions Consultation Results – April 2015

Age Range Consultation Results – April 2015