Educational Visits

Photography Trip to London

Out-of-classroom learning makes a unique contribution to students’ education and offers many varied benefits to them. At Beauchamp College students have many opportunities to access these activities within various departments.

Teachers who would like guidance on organising an off-site educational visit or instruction on adventurous activities, please click here.

Past Educational Visits

A selection of trips from the College 2016 – 2017 calendar

Oxbridge Conference

The Oxbridge Conference, which I and 34 other students attended, was a highly informative and welcoming day for students aged 16-17 and aspiring to apply to these two highly competitive universities. The day consisted of us arriving at Edgbaston and being given an introductory talk on what lectures/ talks were available that day as well as an insight to student life at Oxford/ Cambridge.

We were able to attend subject-specific talks on the courses we were thinking of applying for. Personally, I found the medicine talks on course structure, admissions process and the Q&A session to be very useful, as it gave me the information I needed to know regarding the applications process for both Oxbridge and other universities in the UK.

Furthermore, lectures on how to make a competitive application were also key in helping to demystify the rumours surrounding Oxford and Cambridge.

It truly was a great day, which could not have been possible without our teachers who supervised us and the effects of the entire school.

Saloni Bhattacharyya

Year 12 Geography Regeneration Trip 27 February 2017

On Monday 27th February the Geography Department took all students to Leicester City Centre with the aim of assessing the need and success of regeneration scheme. This links in to their Edexcel A level where they have previously looked at secondary research to profile Leicester City Centre. They conducted a range of fieldwork and practised a variety of techniques in the 2008 redeveloped Highcross Shopping Centre, The Cathedral Quarter and Gallowtree Gate. They questioned the public, took environmental quality surveys and decibel readings as well as assessing the type of shops which were located in the area. Students will now analyse their results back in the classroom to discuss the need and success of Leicester’s regeneration.

Maths Feast at Loughborough University 22 February 2017

On Wednesday 22nd February four of our year ten students represented the college at a team problem solving competition held at Loughborough University. The students worked extremely well together through a series of mathematically challenging rounds that all contained a problem solving element and actually won the event. Congratulations to

Bhavjeet Makan     SEO
Ilia Nayaksin             OJT
Lauren Duguid         YR
Mus’aab Hanif         AJO

Senior Mathematics Team Challenge November 2016

On 16th November four of our students, Ricky Bassi, Matthew Ord, Arjun Banerjee and Ben Parkinson, represented the college in this year’s regional final of the Senior Mathematics Team Challenge at Loughborough University. The event consists of three rounds of challenging mathematics problems, a group round, cross-number and a maths relay. The students worked well together and finished a credible 11th out of 25 schools that took part.

A selection of trips from the College 2015 – 2016 calendar

Rutland Water, July 2016

Students arrived at Rutland Water on a bright and sunny day prepared for a day of cycling round the reservoir. The students chose from two options: all of Rutland Water at a quick pace or the outer ring at a steadier pace, with more students opting for the shorter route, yet still completing it at a good pace. The bikes provided were of a good quality and the students generally rode them confidently and sensibly. A couple of drinks, food and rest stops were incorporated into the trip before finishing back at our starting point and returning to college, with some students still singing away on the coach whilst others needed some much needed rest from their exertions. An enjoyable and positive day!

Year 10 Mathematics Feast Loughborough University

Four of our year ten students represented the college at a mathematics enrichment event held at Loughborough University on the 10 February. The event consisted of a series of rounds encouraging problem solving and team work. Despite tackling mathematics that would normally be met in the sixth form at a level the students did well to finish sixth out of the nine schools present.

Senior Mathematics Team Challenge 2015

Four of our students took part in the regional heat of this year’s Senior Mathematics Team Challenge held at Loughborough University on November the 12th. The event consisted of three rounds, a group round a cross-number and a shuttle round of challenging maths questions.

The students enjoyed the challenge of the strong competition provided by the other schools and enjoyed the day out despite being slightly disappointed at only finishing 11th out of the 18th schools taking part.

A selection of trips from the College 2014 – 2015 calendar

Galleries of Justice

Students began the trip by travelling through 300 years of crime and punishment. They read about individual prisoners who had been convicted of crimes and the punishments they received. There were different exhibitions on those that were executed and methods that were used such as hanging. Students could feel the fear of the prisoners through the individual stories. Students also went round an exhibition of prisoners that were sent on ships and deported to Australia and how this impacted on individuals and families.

The students then journeyed to the city of caves. They walked through an ancient labyrinth of caves all beneath Nottingham city. The guide explained how the caves had been used in different ways throughout history from the medieval tannery to World War 2 where residents of Nottingham took refuge from the blitz.

University of Leicester – June 2015

I was lucky enough to be invited to an open day at the University of Leicester on 17th June 2015. We were given a taster of the university to see what it’s like and which courses it offers. We were given a list of lectures, which we could choose to attend during the day.

I chose three lectures:

Geography – Are we cooking the planet?

Law – The Law of Finders Keepers

Engineering – Space weather effect on air traffic control

The geography lecture was intriguing, and a good start to the day. A lot of the content in this session was very complex, but the open day was directed at Year 12 students, so it’s what I expected. I also found the engineering lecture to be interesting, and while it was still very complicated, I understood what was being said, partly because I am particularly interested in engineering and likely know more about this than I do in other courses.

The highlight of the day, however, was the Law of Finder Keepers talk. Although I don’t plan to study Law at university, I enjoyed every minute I spent in this theatre. The lecturer communicated really well with the audience, and as a result I felt that I was engaged the whole time.

I had my lunch after the three lectures, and talked with some of my friends, asking which lectures they attended and what they learnt. I found that I learned even more in that last hour or so, even if it wasn’t completed related to the lectures. The service was also great – everyone was willing to help, showing me around the university and giving me general advice.

Going on this trip has greatly benefitted me. Previously, I wasn’t so sure about looking to study at Leicester, because I had been to Oxford six weeks prior to this and was impressed by the location itself and the attitude of the students. However, now I have visited Leicester University properly and found it to be just as good. I like the modern layout and their range of courses (even if the one I want to study, engineering, is annoyingly hard to get into) and, if studying at this university means being close to home as well as setting me on a good career path, Leicester has certainly got me captivated. I think it might be the perfect university for me.

Dan Macklin, 2014/15 Year 10 Student

Fashion Show Trip

Beauchamp textiles department have taken part in the LEBC fashion show since 2002 and as ever this year was an extremely successful and most enjoyable evening for all involved. Our girls conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and worked as a strong team to create a fantastic catwalk performance. This was highlighted by the fact that this year we were the finale act and as such they truly did themselves and Beauchamp proud!!

This was the thank you message I received from LEBC –

Liz, what a way to end the show!
A perfect song choice for the evening and a perfect act to cap off an amazing night. After participating in the show for many years you know how everything falls into place on the night and that organisation goes such a long way to making the show a success. Having that experience clearly gave you the edge as your act was flawless, and the students participating always approached the stage with such a huge smile and that can only be down to you! Great to see the two girls ending the finale with a dance as well, something we love to see.
Thank you.
Alex Charlesworth on behalf of the LEBC

Ski Trip – March 2015

A group of 33 very excited students had the opportunity to go on the Italian Dolomites ski trip. We had an eventful time at Birmingham airport due to check in and the plane had to be delayed for us!! After much tutting and looking at watches from other passengers we were on our way.

Sunday saw us on our first run, with the beginners all feeling very nervous, however by the third day they were all skiing down significant slopes. The snowboarders all had some nice bruises but stuck at it. The intermediate were all skiing well and tackling the harder runs, while the advanced were skiing black runs very fast and covering distances of 50K a day.

We had the most fantastic holiday rep Ian and some great instructors and everyone’s skiing improved daily.

Our hotel which was superb was in the middle of a beautiful medieval town. The owner of the hotel thanked us for bringing lovely well behaved, polite thoughtful students to her hotel and we were all very proud of them.

We had amazing weather and came back with goggle eye tans. Everyone was very sad to leave after a fantastic week. Hopefully we will return!

English Taster Event 16th December 2014

The first talk by Dr Sarah Knight was an insightful lecture regarding the impact of politics upon Elizabethan Drama. Discussing how dramatists such as Shakespeare and Marlowe composed their plays parallel to the policies of the Monarch of the time; with consideration of the Reformation and the Monarch’s political and religious views. Highlighting the Reformation and the monarchy’s influence on literature provided a different perspective of the writers we study offering a reason for the techniques they employ in their plays and the stories they behold.

The presentation from the student was useful as it gave us an opportunity to ask questions about what studying English at university is like from a current student’s perspective and the possible career prospects there are with an English degree.

The creative writing workshop delivered by Dr Jonathan Taylor was an amusing interactive session, where we each endeavoured to write a short horror story. After scaffolding of our imagination with the use of word association, music and discussion, we were given the time to attempt writing a story. The workshop was good as it took our participation; even though it was similar to something that we may do during school to stimulate ideas.

The day concluded with a question and answer panel with the school of English representatives. Similarly to the presentation from the student, the panel was useful as it gave us opportunity to ask questions regarding studying English at degree level, and further career prospects. Naturally, many of the answers concerned with studying English were biased; however the panel was good overall.

Kiran Suain 12DHV

Oxbridge Interviews at Uppingham School – November 2014

On 11 November, our Oxbridge applicants visited Uppingham School. The students were interviewed by a member of staff from another school and were given feedback on their performance in order to evaluate themselves and use it as a guide for the real thing. The students also enjoyed lunch with Oxbridge applicants from other schools and experienced the range of social backgrounds before hearing a talk from Dr Mike Sewell, Head of Admissions at Cambridge University, who debunked various myths about the interview processes at Oxbridge and offered some words of advice.

A Level Textiles Trip to Alexandra Palace 2014

On Thursday 9 October a group of our AS & A2 Textiles students gathered in the foyer at Beauchamp College ready to leave on our annual trip to Alexandra Palace for the popular Knitting & Stitching Textile show. With all students arriving impressively on time, we were able to board the brand new coach and set off promptly at 8am.

The journey was a dream and we arrived at the venue allowing four hours to view the exhibition and also the massive trade hall selling a vast array of textile materials and equipment.

Students were assigned tasks to encourage them to research and investigate the exhibits and carry out first hand observation and recording of artists and techniques. This will enable them to present their research in group feedback sessions after half-term.

The whole day was a huge success; the exhibition was really inspiring and student behaviour and focus, immaculate. The icing on the cake was the parting comment from our coach driver after we had checked the coach for belongings/rubbish. He said the students’ behaviour had been outstanding and the best he had ever taken on a trip before.

We are very proud of them all! …….and for those of you who think ‘knitting and stitching’ sounds really boring……. maybe some of the photos of the exhibits might change your mind!!