Extension Courses

beauchamp collegeAll Post 16 (just yr12 in 2015/16) students on two year courses are to study one of the many extension courses that we offer in each year of study. We feel this is important to bring a bit of colour and contrast to their academic studies. In a competitive world, we are confident that broadening their curriculum will help provide the breadth of study and skill set that increasingly universities, training courses and employers are expecting.

The booklet below gives details of each of the courses on offer to help students make an informed choice and to select a course that is appropriate for them.

When will students need to decide which course to follow?

Yr12 students will make this decision when they enrol on GCSE results day.
Yr13 students will be asked to opt for their extension course when completing the Yr13 Option form during the Spring term and confirm this when enrolling on A level results day.

Courses include:

Extensions Courses 2016/2017

For Year 13 Only


Extension Booklet 206/2017