Exam Access Arrangement Policy (2017-2018)
SEND Policy (2016-2018)

A student is seen to have SEN if they require support that goes beyond what is typically required by students to access the curriculum. Most students will have their needs met through Quality First Teaching. Teachers at the College are expected to use differentiated resources to challenge and meet the needs of students. All staff (as demonstrated in the Teacher Portfolio) have an excellent understanding of the needs of all of their students. Challenging targets are set throughout the year and students, through resources and teaching, will have their needs met and be suitably challenged.

Some students do require extra support. These students are identified in their High Schools and as a result of the transition process; information is collated and passed to College teachers as well as being shared with parents. Transition IEPs are produced. The support for students is reviewed throughout the year as the College uses a graduated SEN approach of ASSESS, PLAN, DO, and REVIEW. As outlined in the 2014 Code of Practice, parents can expect to be informed about their child’s progress three times a year through Data Snapshots, SEN reviews and Parent Days.

The Learning Development Department at Beauchamp Community College 

The Learning Development Department (LDD) consists of two SENCOs, one whose responsibility is Teaching and Learning and the other whose responsibility is administration, a second in Department (in charge of Looked After Children), an HLTA working with EAL students, an autism co-ordinator who facilitates the support of very autistic students and approximately 20 learning support assistants. There is also a Hearing Impaired Unit attached to the College.

SENCo and Deputy Head of Inclusion:

Ms Katherine Pearson
Qualifications:  MSc in Educational Leadership, BA (Hons), QTS gained 2003, Teaching since 2003.
Experience:  Taught at Beauchamp College since 2003, and SENCO since 2008.

Mrs Shirley Wozniakiewicz
Qualifications:  Ba Hons in Fashion and Textile Design, PGCE in Art and Design, OCR (Certificate in Teaching Learners with Specific Learning difficulties), OCR Level 7 Certificate in Teaching and Assessing Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties.
Experience:  Three years teaching part-time, 14 years at Beauchamp as LSA/Specialist Teacher.  Joint SENCO since 2008.

Vice Principal: LDD Line Manager

Mrs. Jenny Piper
Qualifications: MSc in Educational Leadership, M.A. (Cantab), BA (Hons),PGCE with second teaching subject in Special Needs, Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties and Certificate in SENCO standards.
Experience: 2 years in a Hereford Secondary School and then at Beauchamp College since 1998, including SENCO from 1999 to 2005.

In addition to the school offer outlined, parents can also visit the LCC website for the Local Offer.  Please click here.

The LDD Garden

The Garden project started in late autumn 2013 and has involved both students and staff. It has been funded primarily by the Oadby Educational Trust.

The focus of the project continues to be creating greater access for all – both student and staff. With this in mind, entry to the garden has been altered by the premises team with an arch, as well as a hard surface path running through the fenced off garden and extending into a new ‘growing’ area. Within this area, there is a specific wheelchair gardening bench, as well as easy access for those with physical mobility issues. The premises staff have done this by creating a hard based walking area.

Students that have taken part have been keen, enthusiastic and willing to learn,and staff members are always happy to share their skills. The students have had the chance to plant seedlings, plugs and established plants. They have also helped water and weed and have advised on the ‘look’ of the space.

There has been keen interest from a number of different areas of the college. Members of staff have brought plants and shrubs in for planting and departments have shown an interest in utilising the area. Food Technology like using our herbs and to also raise awareness of the growth cycle of vegetables generally, and Design and Technology are planning to create a piece of wall art.

In summary, the foundations have been laid for further development in the garden with greater student participation.