Looking Forward

We have three student governors and one student ambassador. Elected by students in Y10/Y11 and Y12 they attend full governors’ meetings, play a prominent role throughout the college and arrange events in Beauchamp and the community.

Imogen Fowler

Already through my experiences of being a Student Governor, I’ve become increasingly aware of how lucky students at Beauchamp are to sustain the “Beauchamp Experience”. Over the next year, through my role as Student Governor, I’m looking forward to enhancing this experience further for students through finding means to provide students with more support with careers advice and post-16 options, livening up the design of areas around the college and helping to integrate Year 7’s within the college.

Nalisha Vansia

Working with and listening to other students’ ideas on how to improve their academic lives at Beauchamp is something I hope to do well in this role, but I am also keen to encourage the student body to come and talk to us about any concerns or suggestions regarding issues they feel are relevant within the school. More specifically, my aims are to promote events and opportunities for Arts and Humanities subjects, as well as to help Year 11s make better, more informed A-Level choices.

Zainab Vayani

As a Student Ambassador, I am looking forward to representing the student body and bringing changes for the benefit of the students. I want to make sure that all pupils are happy and make the most of their time and education at Beauchamp College. Most importantly, I would like to create basic awareness of computer and cyber security in view of prevalent identity theft, and cybercrimes including cyber bullying etc. This will ensure that all pupils at Beauchamp are safe both online and offline. I care about the students and I am eager to listen to everyone’s ideas and try my best to implement them all. I look forward to carrying out this role and aim to make significant changes in Beauchamp for all the students. I also hope to make the students time at Beauchamp memorable.

Tinaye Mhiripiri

As a Student Governor, my passion lies within the student body, the various ideas I plan to introduce is off the basis upon improving the school through the voice of the students within Beauchamp College. One plan is to introduce a system whereby within form groups ideas will be put forward by the students half-termly, to assist us, the Student Governor team, in ensuring the school will improve in a way that is ideal for the students within. Also, I wish to strengthen the link between the student body and the school leadership team, this will make sure that every student knows that their say matters; being in this exceptional position, I would like to open myself to all ideas from every single student and for us to become the ‘go to’ people for thoughts and ideas to contribute to the school. Overall, I hope us to aid for a prosperous and successful future for Beauchamp College.