Making a decision about which courses to study as a sixth form student is critical to success. Students should consider carefully and ensure the courses reflect their interests, passions and that they will enjoy the content and the way of working. Students will typically study 3 or 4 courses in Year 12. They should also think about whether they are better suited to courses that have a coursework/practical element or if they prefer exam based courses. Finally, they should find out if these courses help them to gain entry to the university course/career they are considering.

It is important for students to do research prior to making their final course choice on GCSE results day. Click here to view an ‘Informed Choices’ document which gives information on the subjects top universities are looking for in order to gain entry to various higher education courses.

Students should try to consult with a number of people prior to making their final choices including speaking to their parents, tutor and subject teachers throughout their decision-making process. They can also speak to a member of the Student Support Centre who can offer advice and point them in the right direction to get further information, such as the Prospects office. We can also arrange appointments with students and their parents to discuss options and consider the range of pathways available to students at this critical transition point in their lives.

For information on the subjects that we offer at Beauchamp please click here.

Sixth Form Courses 2018/19 (1.8Mb Download)