Saying Goodbye

The Student Governers from this last academic year have done a tremendous job and have now come to the end of their time as governors. They are also leaving Beauchamp College, two will be going off to university the other two are taking a year about before they also head off to Uni. We wish them all the best. These are some extracts that they have each written looking back over the last year.

Jena Sheth

Being a Student Governor this year at Beauchamp has provided me with experiences and an insight which could not have been gained elsewhere. Whilst being a Student Governor, I have developed key qualities which I am certain will benefit me in the future. This year, the Student Governors have made changes which we believe will be beneficial for the future of the college. Alongside this, we have arranged a Politics talk to encourage more Students to understand the impact their vote has in the general election, hosted a group of Japanese visitors for an afternoon and conducted many speeches alongside Ms Kelly and Ms Young. I believe that without guidance and mentoring from Ms Vadher, none of the above would have been possible. She has been a real role model and someone who has made an impact on me personally, that I will carry for the rest of my life.

Having the privilege of seeing the logistical side of Beauchamp has showed me that our college operates due to the work of numerous individuals all working tirelessly to encourage the College to succeed. Although I will miss being a Student Governor, I wish the new appointees the best of luck with everything we were unable to achieve this year and much more….Jena h 

Oliver Brafield

I have greatly enjoyed my time as Student Governor this year, having been given the chance to be a part of some great events around college. The role has really helped me to develop and learn a wide range of skills, thanks to a large extent to working with a few members of staff who are really dedicated to student welfare and do a brilliant job of supporting, advising and listening to students.

Learning about the needs of the student body is a key part of being a Student Governor and next year presents some great opportunities to promote and strengthen Student Voice in the college, of which the Student Governors are a key part. I hope the role can be promoted so that more students are aware of the ways in which they can affect change in college.

In addition, this year has highlighted the chance to offer more encompassing careers advice and guidance. I hope that the upcoming changes in the tutor system can allow Beauchamp to give students the opportunity to learn more about key life skills regarding work, tax, politics, mortgages and more. Last but certainly not least, I wish the next Student Governors every success and I’m sure they’ll enjoy their time in the role.

Uzayr Kader

Being a student governor this year has been a great and insightful opportunity. It’s given me a different experience to other students and a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the workings of the college by attending full governors’ meetings and having regular conversations with senior members of staff. It has been a perfect opportunity for me to bring improvements to the college according to what my peers and I thought were best for the establishment.

My manifesto promise to introduce an awards evening to recognise student progress and achievement is going ahead in September. This project has further developed my communication and teamwork skills. This and other aspects of the job helped me appreciate the level of detail that needs to be considered when organising events on a large scale. I am proud to say I will leave this behind as part of a legacy to be remembered as my time at Beauchamp ends. This experience has given me a huge feeling of satisfaction, knowing that when I leave, I have made a change for the better.

The team and I have worked hard over the year to deliver requests from the students which has been very rewarding in itself as well as helping out at community events such as Diwali at the Oadby Town Centre and the ‘Celebrate Oadby!’ events. Overall, it’s been great to have the chance to give back to a college that’s done so much for me and other students.

Indya Kachela

Being the college’s Student Ambassador for this school year has been an incredible opportunity. Not only has the role given me the chance to gain a different insight into college life and the way it functions, it has also enabled me to grow into an individual who is more confident through the many interactions with different members across our entire community. Whilst I have learned many skills throughout the year, the best and most important thing I am able to take away from this experience is the friendships I have made with each of the Student Governors- something that I will value more than the skills I have learned forever.