Student Governors

governorsWe have three student governors and one student ambassador. Elected by students in Y10/Y11 and Y12 they attend full governors’ meetings, play a prominent role throughout the college and arrange events in Beauchamp and the community.

Looking Forward

As a team we hope to collaborate together to aspire to create greater awareness about careers. We also hope to manage college resources effectively to better student’s time at the college. We all come from a wide array of backgrounds that we feel that represent Beauchamp. We hope this next year will be productive and beneficial to the college.


Uzayr Kader

Uzayr Kader

Uzayr Kader – Student Governor

In my role as a student governor at Beauchamp, I plan to introduce an awards evening for Year 11s and 13s to celebrate their successes at GCSE and A-Level. I would also like to tackle the issue of overcrowding in the library by implementing the use of otherwise empty rooms around the college for 6th Form students to use. In addition to this I am keen to make use of the contacts Beauchamp has in the form of alumni who can come into the college to give specialist advice to students interested in their relevant fields. This could inspire students to broaden their field of vision regarding their career options. As well as this, I would like to dedicate extra-curricular time towards research regarding university choices, planning for open days and career prospects as this is a significant decision for year 12 and 13 students. I care about the students at Beauchamp and would like to make a significant impact to their futures by meeting their requests in my role as student governor.



Oliver Brafield

Oliver Brafield – Student Governor

Working as a Student Governor, I really hope to widen participation in the numerous charity events around college throughout the year. I think that increasing the links between college and the local community could really benefit the students as well as the societies. Most of all, I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas the student body would like to present about college and hopefully facilitating the changes that they would like to see made. I’m really excited for the year ahead.




Jena Sheth

Jena Sheth – Student Governor

Beauchamp College already stands as an outstanding school, trying to do its best for its students. Being in the privileged position of Student Governor, my aim for this year is to truly encourage student voice and gain a new perspective of the school. I would like to do this by asking students what they would like to change at Beauchamp. A big change I would like to think about is the appearance and ‘look’ of the school. I feel as though many parts of the school appear outdated and do not provide an accurate representation of the students within Beauchamp College. I would like to be seen as an approachable peer who takes the time to listen to thoughts of each student at Beauchamp College.



Indya Kachela

Indya Kachela – Student Ambassador

As student ambassador, I am eager to provide equal opportunities for all students regardless of their academic abilities. I am looking forward to becoming a voice for my peers in order to bring about changes and new ideas that would truly benefit them. Most importantly, I want to ensure that everyone is given the necessary support for them to succeed and maintain a balance between different aspects of their lives. I aim for everyone to leave Beauchamp feeling as if they have the necessary knowledge to succeed in their chosen pathways.