Student Photographers

A small group of year 13 photography students willingly produced some of the images on this new college website. We are very thankful for their hard work on this project.

Those involved are listed below.

Hannah Chauhan

Areas/subjects photographed: ICT, Psychology & Travel & Tourism
Studying: Photography, Health & Social Care, Textiles and Critical Thinking
Plans after Beauchamp: Going to university to study photography.
What she enjoys most about photography: “having the freedom to experiment and explore new ideas and incorporate different medias.”

Minay Das

Areas/subjects photographed: Media
Studying: Photography, Media, Business and Quantitative Methods
Plans after Beauchamp: To study practical film making at university.
What he enjoys most about photography: “That moment when you know you’ve captured the perfect image.”

Molly Fawcett

Areas/subjects photographed: Theatre Production, History and Drama
Studying: Photography, Media, English Language and Creative Writing
Plans after Beauchamp: To study journalism at university.
What she enjoys most about photography: “The creativity of editing photographs”

Megan Herrick

Areas/subjects photographed: Maths, Law, Sociology and Health & Social Care
Studying: Photography, Accounting, Health & Social Care and IFS
Plans after Beauchamp: “A gap year which will involve work experience and travel.”
What she enjoys most about photography: “Capturing moments in time that you are able to keep forever, as well as being able to see the beauty in every day objects”

Shazeem Issa

Areas/subjects photographed: Beauty and Business
Studying: Photography, Business Studies, Citizenship and Health & Social Care
Plans after Beauchamp: Hoping to Study Business & Marketing at Birmingham City University.
What she enjoys most about photography: “Allows me to see things from a different perspective and to express my own creative concepts and ideas”

Ashton Moffat

Areas/subjects photographed: Business
Studying: Photography, English Language, Health & Social Care and Creative Writing
Plans after Beauchamp: Going to university to study Paramedic Science.
What she enjoys most about photography: “The diversity of it”

Karishma Patel

Areas/subjects photographed:  GeographyHealth & Social Care, Law, Maths and Sociology
Studying: Photography, Sociology, Health & Social Care and Citizenship
Plans after Beauchamp: Going to university to study a film, tv and photography related course.
What she enjoys most about photography: “To be able to express my creative side and finding new ways to show innovative ideas”

Rudi Wilson

Areas/subjects photographed:  Music
Studying: Photography, Music Technology and Psychology
Plans after Beauchamp: Going to university to study music business or production.
What he enjoys most about photography: “Finding new and exciting photographers”

Errin Yesilkaya

Areas/subjects photographed: Art & Design, Photography Area and Hairdressing
Studying: Photography, Biology, Chemistry and Maths
Plans after Beauchamp: Photography BA in London.
What he enjoys most about photography: “Its ability to connect us with our inner consciousness.”

Any students who are interested in photographing events at Beauchamp College please contact Mrs Grant. The photos will be used in the college newsletters, college publicity and the college website.