Wycombe Exchange

beauchamp collegeAs a result of Beauchamp Colleges links with Eton College, we established a link with Wycombe Abbey in High Wycombe so that our female students could share the experience of finding out what, if any, differences there are between the schools in different contexts.

During the Exchange, six female students from Beauchamp go to Wycombe to spend the week there, partaking in the full range of educational opportunities. Two weeks later the hosting Wycombe Girls will return to Beauchamp and have the chance to spend a week at the College and experience the differences in day school and boarding schools.Every year, in a very refreshing way the students discover that students are students wherever they are and whatever their background. All participating students build long lasting friendships and a deeper understanding of the wider context of society, as a result of participating in the Exchange.

Latest Wycombe Exchange

Wycombe Exchange 2014

Six of our female students travelled to Wycombe Abbey as part of an exchange programme. Over the week they experienced what life is like as a student at Wycombe Abbey. The girls who went were Michelle Luo, Victoria Van der Byl, Yasmin Callan Sidat, Krishna Lakhani, Eleanor Salter and Jinal Patel

Monday – Eleanor Salter

Today was the first day of the Wycombe Abbey exchange. On first impressions Wycombe Abbey looks very different to Beauchamp with old buildings and lots of green open spaces! As soon as we arrived at Wycombe, we met our exchange partners, which was great after having previously only exchanged emails. We then went to drop off our bags at the dorms. Afterwards we were taken to the school shop to try on our uniforms. The whole site on which the school is situated is enormous, with grounds including an entire cross country course, a lake, several netball courts, lacrosse and football pitches as well as school buildings and dormitories. This afternoon we went to support our houses (Vick and I are in Shelburne) in the inter-house netball which was great and not that dissimilar to Beauchamp’s House netball competition! This evening we’re going to the debate club, which is one of the many extra curricular activities offered to sixth form students at Wycombe. Tomorrow I look forward to spending time in lessons and comparing the differences between the way subjects are taught at Wycombe to how they are taught at Beauchamp.

Tuesday – Krishna

Today was our second day at Wycombe, but our first full day. The day started off fairly early, we woke up at 7 o’clock and got changed into our uniforms. Once we all had eaten our breakfast and got changed we made our way down to form and met all the other girls in the form groups. We then went to our first lesson, which for me was psychology. Each lesson is 35minutes long but most of them are doubles. I observed a history of art lesson today, which was interesting as they do not offer it at Beauchamp. After school all us girls went to try some extra curricular activities and took part in football practice. For dinner we all ate together, rather than in our different houses, which was nice as we got to know the other girls on the exchange a lot better. Tomorrow we will be attending chapel for the first time.

Wednesday – Victoria Van Der Byl

I love waking up at 7:30 instead of 6:30, it’s so much better! Breakfast was mini pain au chocolat today, and it was so good!

In the morning we all went to chapel, which was a new experience. The whole school fit into the chapel and we sang a hymn and listened to some inspirational speaking from the chaplain. Since my exchange partner is part of the choir, I got to sit in the choir gallery, which was higher up so I got a really good view.

Amy (my partner) had a full on day today which was really tiring (which the other days were too) and I did basically all of my lessons, plus extras. They are doing different topics to us in all the subjects unfortunately, but I understood most of it (since its just learning more stuff). Their teachers are really good too (like ours, obviously).

Finally, me and Yasmin went to see a dress rehearsal of the play they are doing, which was really interesting. Let’s hope tomorrow is just as fun.

Thursday – Jinal Patel

This morning after getting dressed and ready in the dorms, we walked down the steep hill to the chapel, and had a short service before going to our morning lessons. This morning I went to a biology lesson and did a practical on enzymes, which was interesting as I don’t take Biology as an AS at Beauchamp. After that I went and took part in a Hockey lesson, which was so much fun as I have never really played it, and the coaching they have here is really really good! We also walked past a lacrosse lesson, before having lunch in the dining room. The food they have is really nice and healthy, but the puddings are delicious too. After that I attended Maddie’s ballet lesson (which was also enjoyable as I have never done ballet in my life) before heading up the hill (I saw some pheasants) to Shelburne, the house I am staying in, to do homework that I had been sent by my teachers from Beauchamp. Later tonight Maddie and I are going to have a movie night and chill with the other girls in the house. 

Friday – Yasmin Callan Sidat

Today was our last full day at Wycombe Abbey. We started off today with ‘Big School’ which is a whole school assembly. The head teacher spoke about pupils who had achieved awards and also told everyone about upcoming events. Later on, Eleanor and I went to basketball which was really fun and very competitive as everyone got really involved. For dinner, it was ‘Sixth Form Cafe’ in which the sixth formers all meet up and eat together; today it was Thai food, which was really nice. After dinner, all of lower 6 (Year 12) had to go to a lecture, where the man who did the first kidney transplant spoke to us, which was interesting.

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