Youth Speaks

beauchamp collegeRIBI (Rotary of Great Britain & Ireland) Youth Speaks encourages young people to gain skills in speaking and presentation through competitions. Each year teams from Beauchamp take on the challenge against students from other colleges both locally and regionally.

Past News & Events

January 2014

On Tuesday 28 January two teams from Beauchamp took part in the District Semi Finals of the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition.

The first team involved Shirin Kale and Kajal Shukla from Year 12 and Feiyu Fang from Year 13. They eloquently spoke on the topic ‘Should Richard III be buried in Leicester or York?’ They came third, and though they do not qualify for the next round their performance was outstanding.

Uzayr Kader and Prabodhinee Jogiya both from Year 10 and Lana Summad from Year 13 were members of our second team who did a presentation on ‘Exploitation or emancipation?’ They achieved second place after a brilliant performance. They go on to the District Finals on Saturday 1 March at the Buccleugh Academy in Kettering.

January 2014

As part of their continuing support of Beauchamp students in the Youth Speaks Competition, the Rotary Club invite the students to give their speeches at the official club meetings.

On Thursday 9 January, Kajal Shukla and Anamika Bannerjee, supported by Diane Miller, presented their speech at the Oadby Club meeting.

And on Thursday 16 January Uzayr Kader, Prabodhinee Jogiya and Lana Summad, supported by Nadia Callow-Hussain and Paul Lawrence, presented their speech at the Oadby Launde Club meeting.
The students will compete in the District Semi Finals on Tuesday 28 January at Ashby School.


November 2013

On 28 November a selection of students took part in the Beauchamp College Rotary Club Youth Speaks competition. The event involved three representatives from each house. Each team had a Speaker, a Proposer of the Vote of Thanks and a Chairperson who introduced and concluded the presentation.

Drakon took first place with their speech based on the topic ‘Is the music industry exploiting young women for its own gain or is it liberating them?’ The team involved Uzayr Kader (Chairperson), Lana Summad (Speaker) and Prabodhinee Jogiya (Vote of Thanks).

The Geryon team followed closely behind with their presentation ‘Should Richard III be buried in Leicester or York?’ Shirin Kale (Chairperson), Kajal Shukla (Speaker) and Feiya Fang (Vote of Thanks) represented the house team.

In third place came Isaac Lowe (Chairperson), Helena Kellock (Speaker), Rajiv Daxini (Vote of Thanks), who competed for Wyvern. They based their presentation on ‘Should women be allowed to fight on the front line?’ Well done to all who took part in the competition.