Student Governors

Student Governors

We have three student governors and two student ambassadors.


Elected by students in Y10/Y11 and Y12 they attend full governors’ meetings, play a prominent role throughout the college and arrange events in Beauchamp and the community.

Prashant Parmar

My main theme as student governor is achieving more accommodating student facilities, to make life easier for students during their time at Beauchamp. I am very excited to help make the changes student body wants at Beauchamp during my time in the role but also get an insight into how a school is run. I aim to be the bridge between students and teachers. An online suggestion service for students to voice their opinions would allow not only every individual student’s voice to be heard but mean the changes the student body wants will be recognised and considered. I will try to integrate a system akin to the ‘curriculum for life’ into Beauchamp and help raise awareness of work experience and volunteering opportunities available. A mentoring system for all years, for each subject, would help to increase volunteering and understanding of subjects for participating students. These changes would help improve grades from exams and personal statements but also equip students with life skills.


As a Student Ambassador, I am looking forward to representing the views of students inside and outside school to ensure Beauchamp has an impact on both their student life and the community.  I want to make sure that all pupils have the best opportunities and information available to them, that’s why I want to host more career talks for humanity-based subjects. Most importantly, I would like to reward sixth form students for their responsibility by introducing late starts for those students with outstanding attendance and excellent work ethic. I care about the students and I am eager to listen to everyone’s ideas and try my best to implement them all. I look forward to carrying out this role and aim to make significant changes in Beauchamp and in the community. Finally, I want to try my best to make the students time at Beauchamp memorable.

Steffi elsa shaji

As a Student Ambassador, I am extremely proud to represent the student body at Beauchamp College and voice their opinions regarding the changes they would like to implement in their environment. I am always willing to put my time and effort into anything that I believe in or believe needs to be changed so I want to enforce changes that are positive and beneficial to both present and future students. I am excited to see what challenges are in store during this year and I hope to learn from these experiences and grow as an individual. I want to offer a wider array of facilities to the students, for example more outdoor facilities and outdoor seating arrangements for all the years, especially during the summer months. Overall, I hope to make the College a place in which students feel that their opinions are always apprehended and valued.

Caetano capurro

As Student Governor I am excited to work with the college to create a positive environment for all students, I have seen that with help from both the college and students this can be easily achieved. I’m excited to start and make as many beneficial changes as I can in my time. In my role as student governor I hope to improve road safety around the college, introduce more external influences to the college and to start a student mentor system.

Sahil basra

The role of Student Governor is one I am proud of and committed to. I believe the primary objective of a governor should involve the enhancement of the experiences students are exposed to everyday, something which I am dedicated to achieve. In my experience as a student, there is always something to improve, meaning there is always something to work towards. Over the course of the academic year, I aim to fulfil a set of targets I have complied in a manifesto, including reviewing the current reward system and possibly introducing talks on topics relating to life skills. I hope to encourage students to work their hardest and reach their full potential in the thriving environment that is Beauchamp College.