Student Governors

We have three Student Governors and three Student Ambassadors.

Elected by students in Y10/Y11 and Y12 they attend full governors’ meetings, play a prominent role throughout the college and arrange events in Beauchamp and the community.

Indya Madlani – Student Governor

Becoming a student governor is one of my most exciting achievements at Beauchamp and I am looking forward to being able to make positive changes around the school that are beneficial to the entire student body. The main change I intend to implement is one of a mentoring scheme, where sixth form students volunteer to support Key Stage 3 and 4. In addition to this, more drop-in-sessions for each subject and year group, held all year round, ties hand-in-hand with the mentoring scheme. These in turn will help boost students' confidence and academic development in each subject. In order to instill the sense of community in each student, I will try to promote the idea of societies a lot more. Due to the variation of societies available at Beauchamp, and the fact they are student run, means there is something for everyone, hence the entirety of the student body feels the sense of belonging.

Abigail Williams – Student Governor

My main aim as a Student Governor is to ensure that life at Beauchamp reflects the views of its students, so I'm really excited to work with the Student Executive Team to bring about the changes that we want to see. Over the next year, I hope to raise awareness of the mental health facilities available at Beauchamp - having experienced plenty of exam stress myself, I understand how much it can impact a student's wellbeing and I look forward to exploring the ways in which this could be prevented. I'd also like to help prevent overcrowding in the college and improve the food options available to students. Most importantly, though, I look forward to working with my fellow Student Governors and Ambassadors to ensure that the college continues to value the opinions of its students so that they can make the most of their time at Beauchamp.

Eliza Niblett – Student Governor

My main aim as student governor is to build upon the mental health support offered at Beauchamp by providing education to students about how they can support themselves and their friends.  I would also like to reduce the plastic waste produced by the college to minimise its impact on the environment.

I hope to represent all students at Beauchamp and make sure every voice is heard, as I believe the most important thing about my role is bridging the gap between students and leadership and to make every students experience at Beauchamp as good as it can be. I take great pride in my role and I am very committed to the responsibilities that it entails.

Karen Brown – Student Ambassador

As student ambassador I am excited to be a voice for the students and the wider community. I hope to engage the students in many activities inside and outside the college and as a result provide them with that wider feeling and sense of community within Beauchamp as they progress through the year. I want to give our students as much opportunity as possible such as mentoring sessions which they can then use on their UCAS forms. Furthermore, it’s essential our students are well informed in the subjects they wish to take which is why I’m working with our careers advisor to a broader range of subject talks implemented for our students. Overall, I want to make the students time at Beauchamp the most enjoyable it can be and therefore memorable.

Sa’Fa Roked – Student Ambassador

As a Student Ambassador, I am looking forward to representing the views of students and encouraging the positive participation of the young people in our school within our wider community.

I want to ensure that all students feel welcomed and accepted within our learning environment through the promotion of our anti bullying campaign. The mental health and wellbeing of students is another key area of development for me and I will continue the work I have previously established, both internally and externally, to encourage students to care for their wellbeing, as well as raising awareness for mental health issues in our community. 

I look forward to carrying out this role and look forward to seeing what additional opportunities it will bring over the next year, not only as a means of personal growth, but as a means of growth and change for Beauchamp College as a whole.

Lauren Duguid – Student Ambassador

I love Beauchamp, and I want to make sure that all students feel valued, respected and included in the decisions that help shape their future, starting with them being effectively represented by the student executive. I am passionate about making positive, measurable change to the college, making it a better and more welcoming place to study and to grow.  I have the experience and knowledge of working within all years in the school and with the senior leadership team, which is what I think is needed for the role of student executives. This is because being a role model and approachable to the younger years can help to build a more solid sense of community. As Student Ambassador, I will also proactively defend and ensure all students have representation on as many relevant issues as I can, at all levels of the student executive system. The goals I am aiming to achieve in my time as Student Ambassador are:

  • To build trust and tolerance between all members of the school.
  • To create spaces that are functional and conducive to learning.
  • Develop a plan for how the school can function in the wider community and environment.