NET Advocacy School

Beauchamp College is proud to be designated a NET Advocacy School.

These are schools that have been recognised as having:

  • Places of interest, challenge, wonder and reflection
  • College Leadership committed to an aspirational culture: one of belief that children and young people can achieve more that they might have thought
  • ‘Student Voice’ that is listened to and acted upon
  • Staff that are committed to excellent teaching and an orderly, enthusiastic community
  • Governors, parents and local people that hold the school in high regard, and are involved in productive discourse about the school’s vision and performance
  • Certain aspects that stand out from the norm, both to those who work in the school, and to visitors who observe: ‘Someone’s doing something special here’.


At Beauchamp we have identified the following four areas as particular areas of excellence:

  • Developing student leadership
  • Developing staff through a collaborative approach (professional learning communities and coaching)
  • Sixth form provision, curriculum design and pedagogy
  • Excellence in Maths (designated Maths Hub)

If you would like to arrange a visit to Beauchamp College to look at our work then please contact Vice-Principal Jenny Piper-Gale.

For more information on the work of NET advocacy schools please click here.





NET Advocacy School Contact

Jenny Piper-Gale
Vice Principal