Internal Centre of Exclusion

Internal Centre of Exclusion (ICE)  has a number of purposes

  • To provide a quiet place for students to work on areas of the curriculum which they may have missed
  • To refocus the students’ approach to learning
  • To break negative patterns of behaviour for students

Most students are placed in ICE if they are experiencing difficulties within the College. Others may be placed into ICE after fixed term exclusion so that they can be reintegrated successfully into College.

Whilst students will have opportunities to discuss the reasons why they have been placed in ICE and explore alternative ways of behaving in the future, there is also an emphasis on approaching learning with a positive attitude. Strategies to help students fully engage with their learning will be discussed with the ICE coordinator.

It is important that parents/carers play a role in the work of ICE and the coordinator endeavours to contact all parents/carers at the end of each day to discuss the progress that their son/daughter has made and ways that they can move forward in the future.

When possible, parents/carers will be notified by letter or phone in advance of their son/daughters attendance in ICE. Please remember that if your son/daughter has been placed in ICE that you provide a packed lunch as they will not be able to visit the canteen during the day unless they are in receipt of free school meals.