Medical Room

Medical Room

Young people need and are entitled to access health information and advice. They can be referred to the school nurse by themselves, parents or professionals.


Our medical room is situated in the Design department, right next to the courtyard between Design and Science. Linda Birchenough and Annie Brown are both qualified First Aiders and are available to attend medical emergencies and to deal with students and staff who become ill or get injured during the school day. In addition to our medical room facilities, several members of staff at Beauchamp also have first aid qualifications and we hold an annual up to date training session for Epipen administration.


Medication in School

Due to Leicestershire County Council regulations, Beauchamp is not allowed to provide any medication whatsoever for students. This includes Paracetamol. The only exception to this rule is the emergency administration of pre-prescribed Epinephrine (Epipen) and Diazepam, which has been provided by, and consented for, by parents. Please contact Medical Staff to discuss such requirements and to request a consent form.


School Nurse Service


Angela McKay

Public Health Nurse(School Nurse), South Wigtson Health Centre, 80 Blaby Road, Wigston, LE18 4SE.

Her key roles are:

  • To assess, protect and promote the health and well-being of school aged children and young people
  • To offer advice, care and treatment to individuals regarding physical and emotional health

Young people can be referred to the school nurse by themselves, parents or professionals.
The contact number for Angela McKay is 0116 215 3242

School Nurse

School nurses are experienced qualified nurses, mainly with specialist children’s nurse qualification and/or school nurse degree.
Each cluster of schools will have their own school nurse.
The school nurse supports students, parents and carers with any health related issues.




Students are able to receive counselling in college and may self-refer or be referred by a teacher or other member of staff.


Counselling Helps

Counselling can help in many different circumstances, including relationship difficulties, poor self-esteem, bereavement, depression and stress. Further information and referral forms are available from the medical room.


Click here to view helpful web links for external support services.



College Based Health Services Information for Parents

Young people need and are entitled to access health information and advice.

This is provided in college by trained professionals, including the School Nurses and the Health and Well Being Officer. Students are provided with a service that they can trust and are happy to attend, which encourages them to take an active and responsible role in their own health and well-being. In the longer term, this allows them to develop the skills needed to make informed choices and decisions about their own lifestyles.

College based services can give your son or daughter, another adult, other than family members to talk to confidentially about any health concerns or other worries. All the workers are trained professionals and any advice and support given will be unbiased and non-judgemental.

There are occasions when students will share information with us, that raises concern or where we feel the young person is as risk of serious harm. In these instances we may need to pass this information on to others as appropriate, but this would always be discussed with the student first.

However please note, we are unable to give out information regarding use of these services to parents/carers unless we have concerns as above

You are welcome to discuss any of the college based services with the Health and Well Being Officer, Linda Birchenough.



Health Contact

Linda Birchenough
Health & Wellbeing Officer
Annie Brown
Medical Administrator