Beauchamp College response to the death of George Floyd

Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school closures in the Leicester and Leicestershire area, Beauchamp is now closed from Tuesday 30th June to all students except children of key workers who have registered for a place.

June 05, 2020

Beauchamp Family Statement

The Beauchamp College Family is deeply saddened by the brutal death of George Floyd. Like many of you we've felt sickened about how his death has come about, and truly horrified at the aftermath which has shed light on numerous others cases of overt racism and injustice toward the black community across the world. We condemn those who let this happen and we see it as our moral obligation to oppose those who display racist actions and choose to discriminate simply because of the colour of someone's skin. 

As practitioners we have the responsibility to educate our young people and to not avoid the issues because it makes us feel uncomfortable. With that in mind, Beauchamp College will provide our students with a forum for discussion on the events that have recently transpired and we'll be setting out our plans to do that in the very near future. We're very aware of the part we play in shaping our students outlook on life and the Beauchamp College Family want to work with them to say 'enough is enough; let's be the catalyst for change together.


The Student Governor/ambassador statement


Firstly, as a student body we would like to say we are appalled and disgusted by the recent, unjust murder of George Floyd.  The fact innocent people are being attacked and killed for the colour of their skin in a society that claims to be progressive is quite frankly disgusting. Young black children should not be scared to walk the streets in fear that they will be attacked or racially profiled and branded “thugs” and “criminals”. It also begs the question; why have other such atrocities such as the murders of Eric Garner and Ahmaud Abery been swept under the rug by society?

As student governors and ambassadors we want to use our unique place in the school to make a change and erase prejudice students may have and breed a culture which is actively anti-racist by addressing the issue at its core and what it means to every student. One way in which we plan to do this is using our school societies; at Beauchamp we have many societies but we will try to work with the Equali-tea society and the African-Caribbean society to further our peers’ education on issues such as ethnicity and ethnic discrimination. We would also like to create some fundraisers that will raise money for the George Floyd memorial fund.

In this tricky time we wish to hold out our hands to our fellow students, to educate and learn from them, in order to better the society in which we live.