May 17, 2023

Beauchamp College Student Zethan Bandi Shines in Leicestershire Cricket Scene

We are thrilled to showcase the achievements of Beauchamp College Year 10 student, Zethan Bandi, who has been making waves in the world of cricket through his involvement with Leicestershire County Cricket Club. Zethan's passion for the sport and dedication to honing his skills have earned him remarkable opportunities and recognition. 

Having been a part of Leicestershire County Cricket Club's age group squads for several years, Zethan's commitment and talent have been acknowledged by the club. In February, during the half-term break, Zethan embarked on an exciting pre-season tour to Dubai. This invaluable experience allowed him to train intensively and gain exposure to different playing conditions, further enhancing his cricketing prowess. 

With the ongoing season now in full swing, Zethan is set to participate in the highly anticipated three-day Lancashire Cricket Festival. This challenging event will test his abilities and provide a platform for him to showcase his skills against top-tier competition. Additionally, he will be representing both Leicestershire Under 15's and his club team, Kibworth Cricket Club, in numerous fixtures throughout the season. 

Zethan's dedication, perseverance, and enthusiasm for cricket have been truly inspirational. Beauchamp College is immensely proud to have such a talented student representing the college and the local cricketing community. We applaud Zethan's achievements and wish him the very best for his future endeavors in cricket.