Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon, MBE is a writer, speaker and campaigner


September 05, 2018

Natasha Devon, MBE is a writer, speaker and campaigner. She visited Beauchamp on Friday 13th April to talk to Year 12 girls about a range of issues and invited them to have a greater awareness of the world around them. She asked the girls to question the portrayal of women in the media and social stereotypes. She spoke about bullying by excluding people and the power young people have to change the world around them for the next generation by thinking twice about what and who they like on social media. It was a delight to have such a thought-provoking and inspirational speaker at the college.  On her website,, there are a number of useful links to advice and support.

There are also some great stories and video clips to inspire young women to help shape the world at