Personal Items

School Closing Early on the 21st

Please be aware that the school will be closing at 12.30pm on Friday, 21st December.

School Buses will be departing from Beauchamp at 12.30pm.

Personal Items


Members of Beauchamp College who bring personal items and belongings into the Academy and /or any of its related activities (such as trips and visits) do so entirely at their own risk.  If items go missing, or are damaged or stolen, the Academy will do all it reasonably can to help, for example looking at CCTV footage where available and checking the lost property area in Student Support, but liability remains with the owner and not the Academy. On day’s when students have PE and Exams we strongly recommend that mobile phones etc. are left at home.







Student Support Centre Contact

Deb Wilson
Vice Principal - Pastoral
Katy Watson
Student Support Centre Manager
Gail Proudman
Student Reception & Transport (KS4/5)
Jacqui Taylor
Student Reception (KS3)
Kirsty Fincham
Ryan Pemberton
Head of Admissions & Transition
Claire Cleaver
Internal Centre for Isolation
James Shaw
Careers, Advice & Guidance