Admissions 2022

How to apply to Beauchamp College Sixth Form

  • Most schools and colleges will take students through the process of how to apply for Post 16 providers. However, if their school or college aren’t doing the process with them, then they will need to apply independently.
  • All Post 16 applications are processed through PS16, which is an online system and it can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Students will need to create an account and complete all of the relevant sections, including selecting Beauchamp College as a choice with appropriate subjects.
  • You'll be asked to choose your current school or provider, and please select from the list 'Out of Area or Not Listed'
  • They will also need to request a reference from their current school and submit their form.
  • We will make contact with them to confirm that we have received their application form
Click here for the Sixth Form Admissions Policy for 2022-2023
Click here for the Sixth Form Admissions Policy for 2021-2022
Click here for the Sixth Form Admission Policy  for 2020 - 2021


Entry Requirements (for year 12 entry 2022)

All students will be expected to resit GCSE Mathematics and/or English Language if they have not achieved at least a grade 4.



Applied Courses (Vocational):

  • Level 3 Vocational Courses are studied in combination with A Levels.
  • At least 6 grade 5s (or equivalent) including grade 5 in English Language or Literature
  • Students must have a minimum of a good pass grade in the relevant subject (if taken) at level 2.



General entry requirements: 6 grade 5s (or equivalent), including at least grade 5 in English Language or Literature and at least a 5 in your chosen subject if studied at GCSE, unless otherwise stated in the table below.


area subjects requirements
Science Biology
6 or above in at least 2 Sciences (one of which has to be the science you wish to study) and a 5 or above in Maths
Science (other) Psychology
5 or above in Maths
and Double Science
English English Literature 6 or above in English Literature
Maths Mathematics
Further Mathematics*
6 or above in Maths
8 or above in Maths
Art and Design Fine Art
Product Design
Graphic Communication
5 or above in a Design/Art based subject or an interview to look at a portfolio of work
Business Accountancy
5 or above in Business Studies/Economics if taken
5 or above in Maths
Computing Computer Science 6 or above in Maths
6 or above in Computing if taken at GCSE
Languages French
6 or above in the relevant Language
All other subjects English Lang/Lit*
Film Studies
Media Studies
Philosophy & Ethics
Theatre Studies
General entry requirements including at least a 5 in the relevant subject if taken
*5 in English Language

*Further Mathematics: students wishing to take Further Mathematics must take three other A Levels, one of which will be A Level Mathematics.

*There are no priority access arrangements for entry to Sixth Form at Beauchamp College other than those specified in the admissions policy. 




Any applicant refused a place as part of the random allocation process or as a result of not meeting entry criteria, will be offered a right of appeal to a committee led by the Academy Trust operating the college. The panel will consider the appellant’s case and decide whether to uphold the appeal. Appeals must be submitted within 10 working days of a place being refused and will be heard by 30th June 2022 for those not receiving a place as part of random allocation, and 10th October 2022 for those whose GCSE results do not meet entry criteria. 


Anyone wishing to appeal should contact for an appeal form.



Post 16 Admission & Transition Contacts