Here at Beauchamp we all have a passion for learning. We expect our students to share our passion and commitment, making excellence a habit.

We are proud of our comprehensive college and its traditions and history of providing opportunities for students to achieve their full potential. We believe in pursuing excellence and equity; every year our students prove they can compete successfully in all fields. Our students come from diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic and faith backgrounds, which has greatly enriched our daily college experience as we learn together and from one another.

Our young people live in a complex and ever-changing world. They will face both opportunities, as well as new and yet to be defined challenges. We want to play a part in preparing them to be confident, resilient, mature, aspirational and active young people. We believe that the focus on the development of these transferable skills will help in our determination to maintain and to raise even further the excellent standards that we have. Our students attain well and achieve through a broad, well balanced and appropriate curriculum, opening many doors into higher and further education, training, or entry into the world of work.

We have one of the largest Sixth Forms in the country, attracting our own students as well as external students joining us in Year 12. We nurture a sense of belonging and pride through a caring pastoral structure providing every student, with a daily tutorial session in a house system. We focus on respect for oneself and others and expect all students to play an active part in contributing to the college community.