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Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school closures in the Leicester and Leicestershire area, Beauchamp is now closed from Tuesday 30th June to all students except children of key workers who have registered for a place.

Leicestershire Sixth Form Bursary Scheme 2017-18

The Government introduced a Post 16 Bursary Scheme to enable schools and colleges to provide some financial support where a student’s financial circumstances are a barrier to their learning.  Beauchamp College has joined together with other sixth forms in Leicestershire to provide the Leicestershire Sixth Form Bursary Scheme.  This letter outlines the scheme.

If, having read the details below you feel you are eligible to receive bursary support your son or daughter should contact the Sixth Form Pastoral Team in the Student Support Centre to pick up an application form.


Bursary A – Applications should be made by 3 October 2017

A bursary of £1,200 per year paid in monthly instalments to young people in care/care leavers and young people in receipt of income support or Universal Credit in place of Income Support in their own right.  Or, In receipt of Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit and Disability Independence payments in their own right. In addition students will need to meet the general eligibility criteria outlined below. Students who meet the criteria will also need to provide the following evidence with their application:

  • written confirmation from the provider of the benefit to which they are entitled or
  • written confirmation from the relevant local authority of current or previous looked-after status.

Students who qualify for this bursary will be made an initial payment of £300 at the end of September and then nine monthly payments of £100.  Should a student become eligible for Bursary A during the course of the year a pro rata payment (taking account of the proportion of the year remaining) may be made.


Bursary B

A bursary of £800 per year will be available to Post-16 students who are eligible for Free School Meals.  In addition students will need to meet the general eligibility criteria outlined below.

Students in receipt of Bursary B will receive an initial payment of £200 of the bursary at the end of September.  The remainder will be paid in 8 monthly installments of £75. If at any stage a student’s attendance (below 95%) or attitude to learning gives cause for concern payments may be withheld.


Bursary C – Applications should be made by 3 October 2017

One off contributions for students whose financial circumstances become a barrier to their education

Schools have been provided with a limited allocation of money which can be used to help students whose financial circumstances are a barrier to their education.  This allocation may be used to provide or make a contribution towards resources for learning.  Under the Leicestershire scheme no cash payments will be made directly to students.  However, students who are in need may make an application for help, for example with a contribution to school transport, food (during the college day, to the equivalent value of FSM) books and other resources for lessons, educational visits, etc. Students who wish to make an application to this fund and whose parents are in receipt of Working Tax Credit or a Universal Credit payment which has replaced a Working Tax payment should complete an application form.

Completed application forms for all bursaries should be returned to Mrs Bamber in the Student Support Centre.

If the parent is not in receipt of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit which has replaced this, the student should still collect an application form from the Student Support Centre but the application should be supported by a letter from the parent explaining their circumstances, stating what they require help with and providing proof of household income and expenses, including details of dependents under 18.  This letter should be addressed to Ms E Young, Head of Sixth Form and returned to Mrs Bamber in the Student Support Centre.


General Eligibility Criteria

Students can apply at any time for the bursaries above but payments may not be backdated and will commence once the application has been accepted and approved.  Attendance and attitude to learning will be taken into account; if the student has an attendance of less than 95% support may not be granted.
In addition to qualify for either bursary the student must also

  • be aged under 19 on August 31 2017
  • satisfy residency criteria in the document YPLA Funding Guidance 2017/18:  Funding Regulations, copies of which are available online
  • maintain a good record of attendance and conduct (min 95% attendance)

N.B any payments awarded to a student by Beauchamp College can be disregarded when applying for other benefits



Payments will be made by BACs transfer to the student’s bank account.


Complaints Procedures

If students should have any complaints about payments under the Bursary Scheme they should contact, in the first instance, Ms Young, in writing outlining their concerns.


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