Wycombe Exchange

School Closing Early on the 21st

Please be aware that the school will be closing at 12.30pm on Friday, 21st December.

School Buses will be departing from Beauchamp at 12.30pm.

Wycombe Exchange

As a result of Beauchamp Colleges links with Eton College, we established a link with Wycombe Abbey in High Wycombe so that our female students could share the experience of finding out what, if any, differences there are between the schools in different contexts.

During the Exchange, six female students from Beauchamp go to Wycombe to spend the week there, partaking in the full range of educational opportunities. Two weeks later the hosting Wycombe Girls will return to Beauchamp and have the chance to spend a week at the College and experience the differences in day school and boarding schools.Every year, in a very refreshing way the students discover that students are students wherever they are and whatever their background. All participating students build long lasting friendships and a deeper understanding of the wider context of society, as a result of participating in the Exchange.












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