SEN & Vulnerable Students

Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school closures in the Leicester and Leicestershire area, Beauchamp is now closed from Tuesday 30th June to all students except children of key workers who have registered for a place.

A student is seen to have SEN if they require support that goes beyond what is typically required by students to access the curriculum. Most students will have their needs met through Quality First Teaching. Teachers at the College are expected to use differentiated resources to challenge and meet the needs of students. All staff (as demonstrated in the Teacher Portfolio) have an excellent understanding of the needs of all of their students. Challenging targets are set throughout the year and students, through resources and teaching, will have their needs met and be suitably challenged.

Some students do require extra support. These students are identified in their High Schools and as a result of the transition process; information is collated and passed to College teachers as well as being shared with parents. Transition IEPs are produced. The support for students is reviewed throughout the year as the College uses a graduated SEN approach of ASSESS, PLAN, DO, and REVIEW. As outlined in the 2014 Code of Practice, parents can expect to be informed about their child’s progress three times a year through Data Snapshots, SEN reviews and Parent Days.


The Learning Development Department at Beauchamp Community College

The Learning Development Department (LDD) at Beauchamp College consists of a SENCO, two HLTAs and approximately 12 learning support assistants. There is also a Hearing Impaired Unit attached to the College.



Mrs Jenny Piper-Gale

Deputy CEO of the Trust and line manger of SEN provision.

In addition to the school offer outlined, parents can also visit the LCC website for the Local Offer. Please click here.


Useful Documents
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