Dining & Recreational Spaces

Students have their own dining facilities and recreation spaces where students can eat food provided by the college or their own packed lunches. Moreover, the large dining hall and outside spaces provide more than enough space for learners to socialise, be active or relax outside of lessons. We, however, do not want to limit Year 7 students to their base at break and lunch, allowing them to use our other catering facilities in the college, including the Refectory which is one of our other modern dining facilities. During lunchtimes, students will have the opportunity to involve themselves in a range of clubs and societies to help make new friends and develop extra-curricular interests.



Our STEM Block houses our library which is accessible to Y7 and 8 students during break and lunch times.  The library is well-resourced with a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, as well as having computers and facilities to study quietly. It is likely that students will spend some of their English lessons in the library to help promote an appreciation of reading.We have another library situated in the ALC which all students are welcome to use before and after school (for further information see Library page)


Full Facilities and Venue Hire Information