We actively encourage students to develop the best version of themselves through a range of opportunities provided through our system of rewards and holistic development

Reward points are issued against our 4Rs; Reciprocity, reflectiveness, resilience and resourcefulness where students have demonstrated these skills in class work or extra-curricular activities. Parents/carers can track reward points on Beehive and they also appear on data snapshots each half term.

Each Key Stage has a soft skills passport for students to achieve a series of challenges which develop their transferable skills. For example in Key Stage 3, in PREPARING, one of the tasks is to Read at least 10 books and another, Negotiate new experiences. In Key Stage 4, BEING, there is a focus on independence and securing experiences to prepare for the world of work, Infuse your independence with 20 hours of Sam Learning; Go for work experience

Tutors track student engagement and commitment to the passports, and celebration events are held during and at the end of the year.

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KS3-4 Beauchamp Rewards
KS5 Beauchamp Rewards