Beauchamp expects and promotes behaviour which allows students and staff, along with parents/carers to work together to secure an effective environment for teaching, learning and development.

We have 8 clear principles to achieve this environment in all classrooms and areas of study;

  • Be equipped and ready to learn
  • Remove outdoor clothing and be appropriately dressed
  • Work hard to make progress
  • Wear your lanyard
  • Respect each other and the environment
  • Be on time
  • Put your phones away
  • Complete home learning

Where these expectations are not met, staff may issue a behaviour point. Behaviour points are monitored daily, weekly and termly with sanctions applied as appropriate. Parents/carers are able to keep track of behaviour points via the Beehive system. Regular communication with parents/carers can quickly resolve any concerns or identify where further support is required through our pastoral care systems. The Student Support Centre is a highly effective and experienced team of pastoral care practitioners who have a range of strategies to be able to meet student needs.

In accordance with our Conduct Policy, after college detentions are issued to students whose behaviour is persistently disruptive. Communication is made with parents/carers via text message.