Trust and College Rationale

At Beauchamp we focus on the key tenets of Academic Excellence and Holistic Development with a commitment to social mobility and equity for all

Our curriculum ensures that by the time children leave Beauchamp they have a secure knowledge and understanding of essential and challenging vocabulary, concepts and procedures as well as pertinent people, places and events in order that all our children, including those less privileged have access to the curriculum content that they need to succeed academically and in life. School and trust leaders have carefully selected curriculum content to ensure depth and breadth of what is being taught; both collectively as a trust and filling the gaps necessary for the local contexts of each school. In this way, our curriculum goes beyond what is assessed and is not designed just to push through mark scheme hoops, however we believe that academic excellence is achieved through a schemata that facilitates comprehension across subjects and is generative and encourages independent thought and creativity. It is precisely through our curriculum then, that we encourage our learners to be reciprocal, resilient, reflective and resourceful.

In addition to our academic curriculum, the college delivers a comprehensive holistic programme, both in the classroom and beyond. Students have opportunities to develop a sense of community through participation in our house events, and are encouraged to take an active role in college and community life, with our older students taking on mentoring and leadership roles. The purpose of this is to encourage our young people to reflect on their place in society, challenge the world around them and equip them with skills to instil confidence, be considerate of others and develop resilience.