Key Stage 3 Pastoral Support

At Beauchamp we pride ourselves on ensuring that our school is not only academically excellent, but is also able to ensure that young people are able to thrive under a pastoral system which focuses on safety, well-being and enriching pupil educational experiences.

Every young person is a valued individual and we want to create a platform for them to soar and go beyond their expectations; parents will know they can feel safe in the knowledge that their child will be nurtured to be everything they want to be.

Our Pastoral Support Team are located in Student Support Centre and available throughout the day to deal with any queries or problems that students might have, or to offer any guidance or advice.

Students have a dedicated Head of Year and pastoral team who will work closely with students, parents and members of staff to support learners. They can be found here.


At Beauchamp, students will be placed into a tutor group where they will have a designated tutor and mentors made up of Key Stage 5 students. We are keen to use our older students to support our younger students as we feel this is an excellent way to break down barriers, provide role models for our younger students to aspire to, and to help further attainment. A key part of the tutor’s role will be ensuring that your child feels settled into Beauchamp Prep and will be the first point of contact for parents. All of our tutors will also teach Year 7 students for at least one of their subjects and therefore will be a familiar and consistent face for our young learners.

Students will be placed with many of their friends in tutor time, however we also believe it is important that students are encouraged to form new, positive relationships with their peers. A key part of tutoring will centre around student well-being and awareness of key issues which affect them. This is underpinned by a strong scheme of activities to develop personal, social and health education. Tutoring will also focus on helping to raise student aspirations and developing an understanding of future education and career pathways; this will be especially well facilitated through our close links with a wide range of partners, universities and businesses.


The House System

Across the whole college, students are placed into one of our Houses which are designed to promote healthy competition. Across the year, there are a range of opportunities for young people to enjoy including activities in sport, design and music in which points are awarded for participation and achievement; at the end of the year one House will be awarded the winners!

Our students love the opportunity to engage in these activities and form new friendships with others.