At Beauchamp Prep, students will wear a uniform which we feel will encourage them to feel they have their own sense of identity in this new and exciting part of our college.

Students are still given some opportunity to have some choice in their uniform by being given the choice of different colour sweatshirts and the option to wear a blazer.

We will share details of where and how to purchase the uniform with parents/guardians later in the year to all those who have registered their interest in Beauchamp Prep.


Beauchamp Prep Uniform

Our uniform can be purchased from Schoolwear Solutions (either at the shop in Oadby or ordered online). Where the uniform has not been purchased from the company, it must be clearly reflective of our chosen uniform. The last date for ordering uniform from Schoolwear Solutions is 31st July; after this date it cannot be guaranteed to be ready for the start of the new academic year.

All students are to wear the following:

  • Smart charcoal grey trousers, tailored charcoal grey shorts or  grey pleated skirt (these should not be denim/jeans or a skinny fit; skirts must be knee length)
  • A white shirt
  • A blue or grey jumper with the Beauchamp Prep logo on it 
  • All black shoes or all black trainers with black soles (these must not be high heeled/fashion shoes)
  • Beauchamp Prep clip-on tie for all students, all of the time
  • Plain blue/black/grey socks or tights

Students also have the option to purchase the following:

  • A navy Beauchamp Prep blazer (or matching equivalent with a Beauchamp Prep badge purchased to sew on)

We also request that students follow the guidelines below regarding their appearance:

  • Only one small stud earring to be worn in each ear - students should not be wearing excessive amounts of jewellery
  • No facial piercings
  • Modest make-up
  • No long false nails which might impede the ability to learn
  • No extreme hair colourings
  • Sensible coats or jackets

Throughout the year, students will have some opportunities to wear non-school uniform. We will issue further guidelines for this, but request that students dress sensibly and appropriately at all times.


P.E. Kit Information

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Pastoral Support

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