At Beauchamp, we are excited about being able to teach students from the age of 11

We believe this provides us with an exciting opportunity to shape the lives of younger learners from an earlier starting point where we can further drive up academic achievement. But it is about more than just getting the best grades; we also are excited about being able to enrich the lives of young people in order to help them grow into confident, well-rounded citizens who play an active part in school life and the wider community.

Regardless of a young person’s starting point, we believe every learner has the right to an outstanding education and can be successful regardless of their background. Throughout all our schools in our Trust we believe that a key way to enable this is through instilling our philosophy which is centred on our 4Rs; Resilience, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness. Through developing these 4Rs we want to develop active and independent learners who can take ownership of their educational journey as well as feel ready to one day enter the wider-world.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed so that it helps develop strong literacy and numeracy skills which are the passports for all learning. However, we have also made sure that there are plenty of opportunities for students to be creative and active; something which our outstanding facilities allow for. The subjects we offer in Year 7 are:

subjects Periods a week (50 minutes)
English (Language & Literature) 5
Maths 5
Science 4
Humanities (Geography, History, RE) 5
Languages (A choice of French, Mandarin, Spanish) 3
Physical Education 3
Art & Design (Art, Food & Nutrition, Graphic Communication, Product Design & Textiles) 2
Performing Arts (Drama & Music) 2
Computer Science 1

This curriculum focuses on the ensuring that students are prepared for studying Ebacc subjects at GCSE level, which is part of a government expectation, as well as offering a strong platform for learners to be able to study whatever course they choose to from the wide range of subjects we offer at GCSE. Whether they choose triple science, media studies, sociology, history, production arts, mandarin, drama, dance, graphics to name just a small few, our learners will be equipped to face those exciting challenges. We have been working closely with primary school partners and with other outstanding providers to design a curriculum which stretches learners and focuses on the skills needed for GCSE study. Our well-trained teaching staff are excited about teaching Year 7 and are busy designing engaging lessons, planning exciting educational trips and creating exciting learning spaces. We do not want these years to be wasted years, but rather full of opportunity to instil a love of learning and a confidence that success is possible.

Part of this success we also be because of excellent transition between primary and secondary school, thus meaning that we see it as vital that we work closely with our partner and feeder primary schools. Young learners will be able to visit Beauchamp Prep throughout this year and we will continue to engage with them in their primary schools to develop a partnership which will be stronger year after year after year. And any learners who may come from other High Schools or further afield can be assured that we will make sure that they be well-settled because of our excellent tutoring and mentoring packages.

We know that you are likely to have lots of questions and we urge you to come and visit us by joining us on our Open Day on in September. In the meantime, we will continue to add to this page. You are welcome to email us at [email protected] where we will gladly answer any of your questions.