September 21, 2022

Beauchamp celebrates GCSE successes

The Beauchamp College community celebrated another year of fantastic GCSE results in summer 2022.

Beauchamp students have done themselves and their community proud by consistently achieving well above the national average with a number of high performing students ​achieving an impressive grade 9 result across at least eight subjects!

It is wonderful to see so many individual successes across our broad range of subjects, which is a true reflection of the resilience and dedication of students, staff and our wider community.

Although pupils in 2022 faced tougher grade boundaries, through their resourcefulness, a higher set of results were achieved than any other year in ​the history of Beauchamp. Over 48% of students at Beauchamp College were awarded a grade 7 or above in mathematics GCSE compared to 24% nationally and over 81% of students were awarded a grade 5 or above in mathematics GCSE compared to 56.6% nationally.

We were particularly pleased to see over 45% of our grades were 7 or above, and 9.4% of our grades were a grade 9, both of which exceeded national average.

Our students leave College with not just great results, but a broader range of experiences enabling them to progress onto A level, vocational courses, and apprenticeships.