August 17, 2023

Beauchamp College Celebrates Outstanding A-Level Results

We are proud to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our A-Level students this year.

With 350 students embarking on A-Levels or equivalent courses across 37 diverse fields, the college has yet again demonstrated its commitment to nurturing potential. 

Key Achievements: 

  • This year, 30.2% of Beauchamp students achieved a grade A and above, compared to the National average of 27.2% 
  • 16% of the year group achieved straight A* or A grades across all courses, showcasing exceptional dedication. 
  • 23% of students maintained an impressive A grade average across subjects, underlining their unwavering pursuit of excellence. 
  • Seven students secured an impressive 3 or more A* grades, with four achieving a remarkable 4 A* grades, a testament to their hard work. 
  • Over 70% of students received offers from Russell Group universities, solidifying Beauchamp College's reputation. 

Success Stories: 

  • Anjali is following her dream of becoming a lawyer by studying law at Oxford after earning A*,A,A in Economics, English Language/Literature, Maths and her EPQ. 
  • Anaya has secured 3 A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and is flying off to India in November to volunteer in medical facilities before her next steps into studying medicine. 
  • Niam and his family were celebrating his impressive set of results, securing 3 A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Niam will be heading off to the University of Birmingham to study Neuroscience. 
  • Priya is celebrating A*, A and a distinction in Art, IT and Graphics. Her hard work has paid off and she will be heading to Loughborough to study an Art Foundation. 
  • Sienna was all smiles as her 3 A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths have secured her place to study Dentistry at Sheffield University, after she takes a year out to travel on her gap year. 


Additional Highlights: 

  • Uni Pathways: 77% of university applicants secured places, with dedicated support for others. 
  • Medical Marvels: 46 students secured places on medical pathways. 
  • Russell Group Success: 132 students (40% of applicants) earned spots at Russell Group universities. 
  • Oxbridge Excellence: Three Oxbridge places confirmed, with more to come. 
  • Diverse Pathways: From aeronautics to cyber security and social anthropology, Beauchamp students explore unique academic avenues. 


Our Head of Sixth Form, John Oswin and Associate Principal, Alice King jointly expressed their elation, stating, "We are immensely proud of our Y13 students who have worked so hard in achieving excellent outcomes. We know that these grades will open doors for them into higher education, the workplace, and beyond, and we share their excitement for their futures. Seeing that so many will continue to show their passion for learning both within the UK and abroad is particularly pleasing for all our College staff. Students getting results today have shown incredible resilience and dedication to their studies, and we wish them all the very best as they join the prestigious cohort of Beauchamp alumni.