May 26, 2023

Language students wowed with magnifique French performance!

Earlier this month, Beauchamp College was visited by Eugenie and Elsa, two native French-speaking actors who performed a play for the Year 9 Languages students.

‘La Maison Hantée’ (The Haunted House) centres on two friends who get lost whilst walking through a forest. They seek refuge in an abandoned house where a manner of eerie scenarios unfold.

It is then revealed that a lady had previously been murdered in the house and the duo seek to discover what happened. At that point an escaped convict turns up to spoil the party!

Eugenie and Elsa are part of Onattit Productions, a company who travel around the country and perform exciting, engaging and educational plays in a variety of languages.

In fact, they are planning to return in early June to showcase another exciting performance - this time in Spanish!

They will also come back next year for another fascinating French instalment!

The feedback from the students was extremely positive and it was clear they found the experience hugely beneficial; seeing how the vocabulary they learned in the classroom had been contextually applied. “They were engaged and enjoyed hearing native French!” said Languages teacher Mrs Hersant.

We eagerly anticipate what Eugenie and Elsa will have in store next time!