January 14, 2022

Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) awards

On Thursday 13th January, our year 11 students at Beauchamp College received their qualification for the Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) course, with a fantastic 100% pass rate!

The course students undertook the Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) course as an option, which they started in year 9 and continued through to the end of year 10, alongside a statistics course which together has given them two qualifications equivalent to GCSE level. 

Around 40 Beauchamp students have recently completed the LIFE course - the first cohort to have studied it at Beauchamp College - with each student achieving a Level 2 pass; the highest possible grade.
The course, which is a combination of classroom and independent home learning, gives students life skills on personal finance such as loans, pensions, budgeting and student loans. The course entails three core units; Your personal finances, Money management for your generation, and Your future, your career. As well as financial skills, the students gained some knowledge about employment and careers, which in turn enabled them to gain some interview experience. 
As much of this course took place whilst our students were in lockdown through the pandemic, they showed immense resilience and resourcefulness due to the amount of home study they had to complete. To gain such high grades and a 100% pass rate, is a huge achievement for all of our hard-working and determined students.

Mrs Wicken, Associate Principal at Beauchamp, awarded the top performing students with their certificates on 13th January 2022 alongside course leader, Mr Bains, and Mr Arif, Head of Business, Economics and Accounting.

On asking the students for their feedback on the course, they collectively said that it helped them understand current affairs relating to finance better than they had before, and that now they're turning 16 and looking ahead to university, the budgeting topic was insightful and will definitely come in handy. They all agreed that the LIFE course should be made essential for all students to prepare them for adult life!
The LIFE course is now offered as an option to every Beauchamp student to study during year 9 and 10.