March 15, 2024

Soaring STEM workshop

In March, Beauchamp College students took part in an engaging STEM workshop from by educational charity Smallpiece Trust.

The educational charity – who inspire young people around the country to pursue careers in science and engineering – tasked students from Year 7 and Year 11 to construct their own model aeroplane.

Working in groups of six, students had access to specialist equipment such as glue guns, soldering irons, craft knives and competed against one another to see which plane could fly the furthest.

Practically exploring the physics of flight, and learning about concepts such as aerodynamics and forces, students built models which were powered by a propeller mechanism, whilst the fuselage was made out of balsa wood.

After trialling and testing their final designs, the students then took part in a reflective written exercise where they evaluated their design journey and highlighted areas for improvement. As a reward, for their efforts, participants received the highly-acclaimed British Science Association Crest Award.

The event was a fantastic introduction to project work and allowed students to develop teamwork and hands-on investigative skills.